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 Story of Imam Husein (a.s.)

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مسلم سلیمانی
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مدیر المنتدی

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مُساهمةموضوع: Story of Imam Husein (a.s.)   الأحد يونيو 03, 2012 10:37 am


Once, many years ago, an iranian caravan went to karbala. There were no hotels or restaurants around back then, so they got off at some musafirkhana and used to do all the cooking themselves. One man from them was chosen to buy the meat for lunch everyday. So everyday he used to go to a butcher near the haram, buy some meat and give it to the cooks of the caravan to make lunch.

One day after buying the meat, he decided to go to the haram and do ziyarat before returning to the musafirkhana.
That day, at lunch time, the cooks called him and complained to him, saying, 'What kind of meat did you bring for us today? It's just not cooking! In fact, it's colour hasn't even changed after being on the fire for so many hours!'
The man replied: 'It's not my fault, i buy meat from the same butcher everyday'.

The next day when he went to buy meat however, he told the butcher, 'Give me some good meat today, the meat you gave me yesterday wasn't good, it just wouldn't cook"
The butcher looked at him and said, 'Ther's nothing wrong with my meat. I slaughter a sheep everyday and sell it to the zuwwar and then go and sit in the haram. What did you do after buying the meat?'
'Nothing', the man replied. " i just went into the haram for a while and then returned to my musafirkhana'
'Well let me tell you something', said the butcher. 'If you cook that meat for another 100 years, it still won't get done!'
'What! But why?', the man asked in surprise.
'Because you took it to the haram. Do you expect fire to be able to have an effect on meat that has been to the haram of Imam Husein (a.s.)? Forget it!'
The man was taken aback and couldn't believe what the butcher had told him. So that day, in addition to the meat he had to deliver to the musafirkhana, he also bought a few extra pieces.

He then went to the musafirkhana, gave them the meat for lunch, and took the few extra pieces to the haram in his pocket.
When he returned from the haram, he asked the cooks for a pot to cook lunch in.
'Why? Don't you like our food?', they asked in surprise.
'I do', he said. 'But today i just want to make my lunch myself.'
And he took the pieces of meat out of his pocket and began making his own lunch. However, after cooking for hours, the meat that had been in his pocket hadn't even changed colour, whereas the meat that he had delivered straight to the musafirkhana was more than ready by lunchtime.

The butcher's word had proved true, even meat of an animal was safe from fire after going to Imam Husein (a.s.)'s haram.
I wonder what will be the reward of people who with their own will and desire come from far and near to do the ziyarat of the leader of martyrs!

And what about those who go walking to karbala!
We do not understand the greatness of the ziyarat of Imam Husein (a.s.)!
Allahummarzuqna fil dunya ziyaratal Husein (a.s.), wa fil Akhirati shafa'atal Husein (a.s.)

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Story of Imam Husein (a.s.)
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